Lessons from the 10 virgins on how to build purposeful relationships

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When I was in secondary (or high) school our head mistress taught us a song in one of our assemblies. The lyrics were:

"Accentuate the positive

Eliminate the negative

Latch on to the affirmative

Don't mess with Mr. In-between"

I know you're probably wondering how this all ties in with today's theme and title, right lovely?

Okay, let me explain!

It occurred to me that in all my recent chat about relationships, I'd only really talked about how to set healthy boundaries in them- aka how to swat away negative, unhealthy or non purposeful relationships like so:

Yet I hadn't spent much time talking about how you can build positive, healthy and purposeful relationships so that you can harness their power (as detailed here). To fix that, I shared exactly that on my Facebook page this week via the (live) video below!


Great! Do whatever it is that you need to do to get comfortable so you can watch and enjoy the video below.

Oh, one last thing!

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Okay, now you can watch...

Enjoy, my love! Xx


  • Matthew 25
  • Proverbs 18:24



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