I just had to know the truth- GOD'S truth...

Photography by Natalie Chaffe of  Indetitytrip.com

Photography by Natalie Chaffe of Indetitytrip.com

I have always had a burden for women. I guess this is what happens when you grow up seeing most of your female role models sell themselves short or stay in abusive situations due to factors such as tradition, control and low self-worth.

As much as my elders loved me, and invested me with great skills and values, I didn't have any older women (in my immediate circle) that I really looked at and felt that I wanted to be like; or have relationships similar to.

I knew this to be true of most of the people in my social circle too; yet I saw many women of my age group taking up the mantle of our fore-runners and repeating their history.

Not wanting to fall victim to projected social norms myself, I became really interested in comparing these notions to what the Bible had to say about topics such as women and womanhood (particularly since it was this that I typically saw weaponised against us).

I also became really interested to see whether there were any feminine representations of God, other than the ones I knew about at the time, that I could model myself after.  

I wanted really in-depth studies on, not only the events of Biblical females' lives, but what we could learn from them- similarly to what is available for the patriarchs of the faith in terms of sermon series, books, audios etc. However, I was disappointed to discover that such analyses were not as readily available for the women of the Bible and that, if they were, they tended to cover the same women and therefore the same topics, This led me to start going through the Bible looking at each woman and the spiritual truths that we can garner from their stories myself. That was in 2013.


Discovering my purpose has led to me empowering other ladies to walk in theirs by sharing what I learned (and continue to) during my journey via-

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This then expanded to:

1:1 sessions

As different ladies within The Far Above Rubies Collective started requesting it (first through email; then video/telephone calls)

Now? It’s morphed into my Shift! programme

The miracle mindset makeover

A supportive sisterhood for heart-centred; visionary Christian women who want to banish the blocks keeping them from crushing their business goals once and for all (which you can join free for 7 days now)!

And, I must say, I have been overwhelmed with their success and positive feedback!


You're fit to work with me if you understand:

  • God has made you for an amazing purpose

  • That believing that you have a purpose means nothing if you are unwilling to do the work to cultivate it

  • As your mentor, I can only support you on your journey. I can't do the work for you

Other interesting facts about me are-

I am of Nigerian descent (although born and raised in London), with almost 10 year's experience as a Speech & Language Therapist. I've also been a Christian since age 11, and have a particular fondness for female empowerment, cocktails and Disney!

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