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  • Are sick of any mention of the matriarchs of the faith being relegated to women's meetings or special occasions, such as mother's day and Christmas
  • Wish you had a more robust knowledge of the women of the Bible and their contributions (passed the ones that are typically mentioned)
  • Are tired of the same linear discussions surrounding womanhood
  • Wish we could just ditch the stereotypical views of  femininity and have a wider representation of what a modern Christian woman looks like
  • Are done conforming to all factions of society's standards. You want to understand God's blueprint to womanhood and become the woman He ordained you to be

Me too, girl, me too...and that was the inspiration behind this site!



  • To learn more about the contributions of the women of the Bible and how the lessons contained in these can be practically applied in our modern spiritual walks
  • Support, encouragement and increase of faith through the testimonies and perspectives of other Christian women
  • Empowerment to fully embrace our unique identities and purpose in Christ, free of the stereotypes and traditions that can "so easily best" us as Christian women

In short, The Far Above Rubies Collection is for women just like you! In fact, here are just a few email samples that I've received about how valuable it is:


So make yourself at home and feel free to explore by reading devotionals on the women of the Bible, being inspired by the experiences of other women or gaining access to a free resource library and weekly encouragement.

so who is the lady behind this great community?

  Photography by:  Camille Fontaine

Photography by: Camille Fontaine

Hello, lovely! I'm Nina Dafe (pronounced like cafe but with a 'D')- the founder and editor of The Far Above Rubies Collection, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Eve.

To summarise my hybridity- I am of Nigerian descent (although born and raised in London), with almost 10 year's experience as a Speech & Language Therapist. I've also been a Christian since age 11, and have a particular fondness for female empowerment, cocktails and Disney!


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