Lessons from Keturah on how to master your craft

Lessons from Keturah on how to master your craft

Did you know that Abraham married another woman after Sarah’s death? Well, according to Genesis 25, her name was Keturah and she went on to have 6 more children for him (aside from Ishmael and Isaac)!

Upon reflecting on both women, though, it seems to me that Abraham’s time with Sarah and Keturah are indicative of two completely different seasons in his life:

  • Keturah= Walking in (the manifestation of) God’s promise; abundance and overflow

  • Sarah= the process that it took to lay hold of that process- a process that involved challenges to faith, work and maturation.

And can I be really transparent with you, lovely? I very much felt like I was in the Sarah phase this week.

This is how I realised that not only are these 2 women symbolic of 2 different seasons in Abraham’s life, they are also symbolic of the path to purpose and what it ultimately takes to master your craft. I elaborated on this and more on my Facebook page this week via the (live) video below.