Lessons from Zipporah on how to start networking from scratch

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So last week, lovely, we talked about how the same relationships that were once blessings can also go on to hold us back from speaking up, stepping out and shining as the woman of God that He created us to be, if we don’t know how to spot the 4 tell-tale signs that this is happening. I based this on the evolution of Moses’ relationship with his adopted mother (Pharaoh’s Daughter), as recorded in Hebrews 11:24-26.

However, if Pharaoh’s Daughter symbolises relationships that are holding us back, Moses’ relationship with his wife (Zipporah) is really useful for giving us tips on how to:

  • Leave those kind of relationships

  • Build new, positive and profitable business relationships from scratch

All of which I shared in the video below.


Great! Do whatever it is that you need to do to get comfortable so you can watch and enjoy the video below.


  • Exodus 3



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