Lessons from Abigail on how to choose faith over fear

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So last week we started talking about Abigail- namely what her actions (as recounted in 1st Samuel 25:2-44) teach us about how to let God fight our battles.

On delving deeper into this same passage, I noticed that there are also great lessons to be learned here about what it takes to choose faith over fear because- let's be honest- walking in purpose to birth the vision, business or whatever it is that God told you to do is scary!

Manifesting vision requires us to do new things, meet new people and draws us into new arenas. It costs us old habits, mindsets and maybe even relationships. In short, it will take you waaaay outside of your comfort zone!

Here's the thing, though:

"[Your] breakthrough lies on the other side of fear" (Will Smith)

There's just no avoiding it, lovely! But don't worry, like I said earlier, Abigail's got us covered. As such, I did a follow-up message to last week's one explaining the exact steps that we must take to make this happen, i.e.:

  1. Make a decision
  2. Confront your fear
  3. Have a strategy
  4. Take action- all of which I shared on my Facebook page this week via the (live) video below.


Great! Do whatever it is that you need to do to get comfortable so you can watch and enjoy the video below.

Oh, one last thing!

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  3. Okay, now you can watch...

    Enjoy, my love! Xx


  • 1st Samuel 25:2-44
  • Esther 4:16



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