Lessons from Rachel and Leah on how to find your why

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So…I have a confession to make, lovely..

When it comes to new year, I can be a bit of a grinch. To the point that, last year, I wrote an article for TEDx entitled “Looking beyond new year”. To quote from it, here’s why:

I don’t believe in the magic of new year! Do I believe it’s a great time for reflection? Yes, and I do so around this time! Do I believe it’s a great opportunity to set some new intentions and goals? Absolutely, I always set New Year’s resolutions! But, when I say that I don’t believe in the magic of new year, I mean that I do not believe in the myths surrounding it such as that, in and of itself, a new year will:

Wipe the proverbial slate clean, getting rid of all the challenges and issues that people currently face in life

Mean that no new challenges and issues will pop up, thereby allowing them to have a flawless and “successful” year overall.

I also don’t fall into the category of people who believe that, just because they’ve set a goal or intention for the new year, it will automatically come to pass (regardless of the aforementioned challenges and issues).

So what this means is that when people are saying things like:

  • “This is going to be my year”

  • “New year, new me”

And more around this time of year, it absolutely annoys me!

You see things don’t change just because you want them to. At least one, if not all, of the following must take place in order to achieve your goals/new years resolutions:

  • Developing the right mindset

  • Taking consistent action

  • Practicing successful habits

  • Having a strong enough why so that when the going gets tough, you won’t give up

It’s that last point that I’m going to be focusing on today as I discuss how to find the why behind your goals (using Rachel and Leah as an example of what NOT to do) because I truly believe it will be as fundamental to your journey as it has been to me so far.


Great! Do whatever it is that you need to do to get comfortable so you can watch and enjoy the video below.

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Enjoy, my love! Xx


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