Eleanor Akaho

An Interview with Eleanor Akaho on Ruth

An Interview with Eleanor Akaho on Ruth

Today we have the privilege of hearing words of wisdom from Eleanor Akaho who, in her own words is:

"A mental health practitioner, who is passionate about personal development, travelling and writing. One of my most important causes is educating the general public about mental health in order to help reduce stigma towards those with these difficulties. 

I believe that my purpose in life is to be a light, which is coincidentally the meaning of my name! In keeping with this, I aim to reflect qualities of God such as warmth, hope and enlightenment. My journey so far has taught me how important it is to be my authentic self and embrace that person. I hope that my future works will encourage others (especially girls and young women) on their own personal quests for wisdom and sense of purpose."

With being said, read on as she explains why Ruth is her favourite woman of the Bible, how she ties in with Eleanor's testimony and what we, as modern Christian women, can learn from Ruth.