How to make your mess your message with Belkis Clarke-Mitcham

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In today's interview, I will be talking about how to make your mess your message with none other than the amazing Belkis Clarke-Mitcham (spiritual life coach and motivational speaker at where she helps women over 25 who have lived through trauma to identify their prisons, break free, and unleash their unique light.

By the end of this video you will know how to do exactly that so that you can turn your mess into your message- going from trauma to triumph by discovering your purpose.

Sound like your cup of tea, lovely?

Great! You can do whatever it is you need to do to get comfortable and press play to access this awesome conversation, below:


  • Introducing Belkis Clarke-Mitcham

  • Belkis’ journey to becoming a spiritual life coach and motivational speaker (hint! It involved overcoming sexual abuse, incest, rape, physical and emotional abuse, self-hate and suicide)

  • How to go from trauma to triumph by discovering your purpose

  • Final words of encouragement

QUOTES WORTH Remembering

"I think it’s a travesty for us to die with the truth of who we are locked inside of us. We should not be our own prison guards" (Belkis Clarke-Mitcham) 

"Nothing God can control will set me back; thus I’ll always be moving forward" (Belkis Clarke-Mitcham) 

A relationship with God is just that- a relationship! “It takes work, it takes investment; it takes interest” (Belkis Clarke-Mitcham) 

"You cannot work on moving beyond brokenness if you cannot envision what an unbroken life for you would look like" (Belkis Clarke-Mitcham) 

"When you have lived every body else’s life and what they say you should be, who is left to live your life?" (Belkis Clarke-Mitcham) 

"Do not let your experience be your label, instead become the label for your experience" (Belkis Clarke-Mitcham) 



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