How to build a team around your business or dream with Madelaine Gordon

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In today's interview, I will be talking about how to build a team around your business or dream with the amazing Madelaine Gordon, Creative Collaboration Manager at Super Sidekick Services.

By the end of this video you will know:

  • Why it's important to build a team
  • When to know that you need a VA or help for your business
  • How to hire a VA or team around your dream
  • And much more!

Sound like your cup of tea, lovely?

Great! You can do whatever it is you need to do to get comfortable and press play to access this awesome conversation, below:


  • Introducing Madelaine Gordon
  • Madelaine's journey to becoming the Super Sidekick
  • How to monetise your passions
  • How to build a business as an introvert
  • The importance of authenticity and self-care
  • When do you know you need a VA or help for your business?
  • How to hire a VA
  • Why it's important to build a team and how to do it
  • Final words of encouragement


"A lot of the time we are struggling because we don't follow [our] purpose" (Madelaine Gordon) Click to tweet

"Everyone should find what they're great at and find a way to monopolise that" (Madelaine Gordon) Click to tweet

"When you're authentic, people recognise that and the right people are drawn to that." (Madelaine Gordon) Click to tweet

"Know that what's for you is for you- so you don't have to chase; you don't have to beg; you don't have to change. The right people automatically will just come your way" (Nina Dafe) Click to tweet

"When you can't see the end of the tunnel, know that God is probably doing His best works..." (Madelaine Gordon) Click to tweet

"Don't be so quick to want to speed past whatever season you're in because it's serving a greater purpose" (Madelaine Gordon) Click to tweet



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