An Interview with Dyani on Eve

Today's interview comes from Dyani of, where she shares posts that inspire. Read on as Dyani shares her views on Eve (her favourite woman of the Bible), why she identifies with her and what we, as modern women, can learn from Eve.

Who is your favourite woman of the Bible and why? What would you say that modern women can learn from her?

The woman I choose is Eve. Strange... I know. I choose Eve because I understand her story (as told via Genesis 2-4). I live the story of Eve almost everyday of my life. From the moment I wake up, I live as though God is withholding something from me; as though what He has given me is not enough. So I choose to eat the fruit, whatever that may be, and I believe the devil and his lies. Lately this is the place I have been in and it has led to less of me surrendering, and more "self". Less of God and more of the world.

But what I love about the story of Adam and Eve is the part we do not look at often. It is found shortly after they eat of the fruit; when they hear God and decide to hide. Instead of God immediately punishing them, He asked a question. Odd right? God knows everything; why would He ask a question? His question, to paraphrase, was "where are you?" I believe more than anything that despite this mini rebellion Adam and Eve may have had against God (or that I may be having or, for that matter, anyone else) God still says to all of us “where are you?” He intimately seeks us- and how utterly grateful I am for this truth! 


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Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is…

I am a Christian woman who is desiring to live a life of “anything”. I want to wake up and surrender everything to God daily. I do not want this life to be my own. I want to ride this amazing roller coaster called life that God has distinctly chosen for me. I am done attempting to script my own life because, to be honest, I am doing a pretty bad job. 

Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is not…

I am a Christian woman who is not trying to live a mediocre, "white picket fence" life. I want to live a life like the apostles did. I want to be so on fire for the Lord that it is the only thing that consumes my life and my thoughts. 

Any final words of encouragement?

First off, thank you for creating such a space for women like me to share a bit of our heart. I hope, as women, we can join and foster a community where we encourage each other to run the race set before us. I am privileged to say that I see this daily. This community has shown me a love that I cannot put into words- and I see women rising to be different and to hold onto God no matter the cost. I hope we all seek the kingdom and we never forget that God, from the very beginning, has shown that He is seeking us; asking “where are you?” We are a people built for community; so I hope no one ever feels alone in this walk. If by any chance you do, this blog is a perfect place to find people who care, love, and support you- me being one of them. Thank you for reading my story but, better yet, the story of God’s redemption as seen through my life.