How to Be a Great Leader with Marlyne Pierce

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In today's interview, I will be talking about how to be a great leader with none other than business coach and leadership strategist, Marlyne Pierce (of 

By the end of this video you will know:

  • What the qualities of a great leader are and how to develop them within yourself
  • How to discover your purpose and where you should be leading, if you don't already know
  • How to overcome the obstacles involved in being a female leader
  • And much more!

Sound like your cup of tea, lovely?

Great! You can do whatever it is you need to do to get comfortable and press play to access this awesome conversation, below:

(PS do excuse my sound at certain points during the interview. There were some technical difficulties on my end).

topics discussed

  • Introducing Marlyne Pierce
  • Marlyne's journey to becoming a leadership expert and founding
  • How to overcome the obstacles involved in being a female leader
  • How to discover your purpose and where you should be leading
  • Why we should not disregard our gifts- even if it's just one (unconventional) thing
  • What are the qualities of a great leader
  • What stops people operating in their purpose and how to bust through that
  • Why pursuing purpose is enough in and of itself
  • The importance of legacy and impact in leadership
  • Why we should seek the Kingdom first
  • The power of authenticity and boundaries in serving and giving
  • Final words of encouragement

quotes worth sharing

"Your highest value is when you can give your gift to others" (Marlyne Pierce) Click to tweet


"Your life experience is something that is trying to show you your gift" (Marlyne Pierce). Pay attention! Click to tweet


"All leadership begins with self leadership" (Marlyne Pierce) Click to tweet


"All experience is good experience- even the bad parts!" (Marlyne Pierce) Click to tweet


"Good leaders leverage their experience and that of others to accomplish the goal" (Marlyne Pierce) Click to tweet


"Leaders advocate for something bigger than themselves. They have a cause" (Marlyne Pierce) Click to tweet


"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition" (Marilyn Monroe) Click to tweet


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