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Understand God's Blueprint for womanhood in 5 days

Learn how and why Eve functions as God’s blueprint for womanhood

Implement these lessons to transform your life as a modern woman of God

 Become the woman God ordained you to be

What if I told you that you only have a partial understanding of Eve and that this is really doing you more harm than good in several areas of your life?


You may only know her as being responsible for the fall of man (as recorded in Genesis 3) and therefore:

  • The originator of sin
  • The one who introduced death and judgment into the world
  • The one who caused fractured relationships between God and man, and within mankind itself
  • The reason for our experience of painful menstrual cycles and labour (!)


You may also know her as:

  • An example and explanation of a woman’s role and purpose as a helper, helpmate or wife
  • A traditional justification for less equal treatment of women compared to men
  • An example to some of why women are "inherently evil" or "seductresses" sent to "tempt godly men and bring about their downfall," given Eve’s role in the fall of man


But Eve is and represents so much more than her bad rep! LET ME SHOW YOU HOW.

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Understand God’s Blueprint for Womanhood in 5 Days is a FREE EMAIL COURSE that will teach you:

  • What the big deal about Eve is (in terms of why she holds more value than the negative things that she is associated with, especially as it pertains to God’s blueprint for women and womanhood)

  • What Eve can teach us, as modern women, and how implementing these lessons can help you become the woman God ordained you to be


This course is for you if you want to:

  • Go deeper in your relationship with God
  • Be empowered to fully embrace your unique identity and purpose in Christ, free of the stereotypes and traditions that can "so easily beset" us as Christian women

In a comprehensive and easy to follow order- eliminating overwhelm, scattered advice and confusion while providing a clear; simple path to these goals. 


Before I studied Eve for myself and learned her value, I was at exactly the same point in my life- seeking an understanding of why God created me and what He wanted to do through me


But, since beginning my investigation of Eve in 2013, God has:

  • Taken me on a journey of self-discovery through education
  • Given me more of a consciousness of Christ and who I am in Him, meaning we are the closest we have ever been
  •  Given me a deeper sense of purpose, self-worth and empowerment to “walk worthy of the calling to which I have been called” as a woman of God
  • Allowed me to develop a greater knowledge of myself and respect for womanhood in general (as I now see the God-given strength, power and beauty in attributes traditionally viewed as “feminine” rather than associating them with "weakness")


Studying Eve, acknowledging her as God’s blueprint and implementing those lessons in your life, can and will unlock all of that for you too.

Understand God's Blueprint for Womanhood in 5 Days will guide you through the whole process!


Each day for 5 days you’ll receive a new lesson right into your inbox. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

Eve and:-

  • What it truly means to be made in the image of God
  • The role of helper
  • What God's command to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion really means, particularly for women
  • Singleness 
  • The link between the fall of man and God's grace (and Eve's role in both)
  • Purpose
  • 3 common mistakes that I and others have made based on doctrines about Eve, and how you can avoid them
  • Stewardship
  • I'll answer some frequently asked questions (including on subjects such as submission and feminism!)
  • And much more!
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Ready to get an understanding of God's blueprint to womanhood over the next 5 days?


Frequently Asked Questions


Could I not just look all this information up myself?

Yes, you could. You really have two options-

Option #1: Do as I did: spend almost 5 years (or more!) researching these topics by painstakingly going through pages of scripture, reading books, listening to audios, watching sermon series and attending seminars. Then, put them altogether before actually being able to implement.


Option #2: Learn from the years I spent doing option #1- building my expertise by researching and recording my findings, all of which have been lovingly collated in this free email course. 


Put like that, it’s a no-brainer, right? In fact:

Here are just a few examples of emails that I have received about the value of this course:


If this course is packed with such value, why is it free?

Because this kind of stuff is my jam! I have always had a burden for women. As such, it is my mission to teach more about the contributions of the women of the Bible and how the lessons contained in these can be practically applied in our modern spiritual walks. Like I said before, by studying Eve and other matriarchs of the faith, God has taken me on a journey of self-discovery through education. My aim is to take others through the same so they, too, can develop a greater knowledge of themselves and womanhood in general, as well as a deeper sense of purpose and empowerment. 


Most importantly, I want women to gain more of a consciousness of Christ and who they are in Him. It is my belief that the negative situations that I witnessed my female role-models go through growing up (such as forfeiting their dreams, staying in abusive relationships or operating from a place of low self-worth). will only cease to be so prevalent once such inner work is in place. This requires role-models, though, and who better than the first woman? There is a host of hidden treasure to be found in her and applied in our own lives so that we, as modern women, can break negative cycles by being the role-models that future generations will need. 


I also hope that we can build a friendship to the point where you will trust me to take you by the hand, in future, and guide you through:

  • A more robust understanding of God’s purpose and blueprint for womanhood, and how that applies to you 
  • A step by step plan of how to implement this understanding in your everyday life 

And...who exactly are you?

Hi! I’m Nina Dafe (pronounced like café but with a ‘D’), the founder and editor of the an ever-increasing sisterhood for Christian women where I fulfill the mission I talked about earlier.

I have been researching and writing about the women of the Bible for over 4 years now and have also had the honour of being featured as an expert on platforms such as the ones listed below!

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Enough talk, how do i access this course?!

You can access Understand God's Blueprint for Womanhood in 5 Days by clicking on the button, below!