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The ultimate guide to eve

Know your worth, power and purpose as a woman of God in 5 life-changing lessons!

I know your struggle and I know it well!

I'll explain how soon, but let's get back to you....

You love God and have a strong desire to be a "virtuous woman"... but you are also fed up with the traditions and stereotypes about what it means to be one! More specifically, you can relate to one or more of these descriptions-


  • Are tired of the same linear discussions surrounding womanhood within the church
  • Wish we could just ditch the stereotypical views of femininity and have a wider representation of what a modern Christian woman looks like (particularly if you don't aspire to be a wife or are not particularly maternal)
  • Struggle with low self-worth and in your relationship with God, because it doesn't feel like He values women (and therefore you)
  • Are terrified of being treated unequally (or worse- abused!) based on traditional teachings about Eve and submission in marriage (especially if that's what you grew up seeing!)
  • Are distraught that you may have to forfeit your goals and dreams in order to conform to traditional expectations around Christian womanhood
  • Believe that men and women are equal but want to strike the right balance between your "feminist values" and scripture
  • Are questioning your God-given purpose and role as a woman of God because you find it hard to believe that He made you purely to benefit a man

Am I right, lovely?

Well, The Ultimate Guide to Eve is exactly what you need!

If you're ready to:

  • Cut through all your overwhelm, scattered advice and confusion
  • Gain clarity on what God's blueprint for womanhood really is
  • Unlock your unique purpose as a woman of God

This guide will show you how

so you can become the woman god ordained you to be!

In a comprehensive and easy to follow order- while providing a clear; simple path to these goals.


What is The Ultimate Guide to Eve?


The Ultimate Guide to Eve is a value-packed guidebook and workbook bundle designed to help you understand God's blueprint for womanhood and become the woman He ordained you to be- free of the traditions and stereotypes that can "so easily beset us" as women of God. It includes:


a guidebook


5 life changing lessons that will teach you how and why Eve functions as God's blueprint to womanhood

A workbook


An extension of the guidebook, allowing you to practically implement every lesson that it contains

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So, how will The Ultimate Guide to Eve help me?


Good question! The Ultimate Guide to Eve will:

  • Take you on a journey of self-discovery through education
  • Give you more of a consciousness of Christ and who you are in Him, meaning you will be the closest you have ever been
  • Give you a deeper sense of purposeself-worth and empowerment to “walk worthy of the calling to which you have been called” as a woman of God
  • Allow you to see the God-given strength, power and beauty in attributes traditionally viewed as “feminine” rather than associating them with "weakness"
  • And much more!

This  bundle is also for you if you want to:

  • Go deeper in your relationship with God
  • Be empowered to fully embrace your unique identity and purpose in Christ, without being bogged down by traditional stereotypes and gender roles



    here's exactly what you'll learn in the guidebook:


    This lesson will teach you:

    • That being made in God's image goes beyond just our physical make up and appearance (although feminine representations of God are discussed throughout the book!)

    • How best to take care of yourself spiritually (and that there is such a thing as a spiritual beauty regime!)  

    • How and why tapping into the knowledge that we are made in God’s image can help you to create the life of your dreams


    In this lesson you will learn that both men and women were called to rule (despite traditional views), which is important to know so that you can:  

    • Be a good steward of everything that God has given you and called you to be  

    • Discover your purpose, both as a woman and individual, so that you can be used as God’s vessel (without limitation or restriction to your true potential in Him)

    This lesson will explain what the story of the fall of man reveals to us about:

    • The mechanism of temptation
    • Some of the tricks of Satan’s trade and
    • How knowing these will help you to identify what he tends to try to use against you (enabling you to “give no place to the devil”)
    • The effect of the fall on mankind's relationship with God
    • The effect of the fall on mankind's relationship with each other
    • The specific consequences of the fall for women and how these have been misconstrued, causing inequality between the sexes


    This lesson will discuss:

    • The fact that as much as Eve helped introduce sin into the world, she was also a catalyst for grace.
    • What grace is
    • How we obtain God's grace
    • How we can continue to live and operate within God's grace on an everyday basis


    This lesson talks about:

    • The fact that the Bible does not just use the word "helper" to describe women or wives
    • The fact that being a wife is not the only way that women can function in their role of helper
    • The purpose of marriage
    • What a godly marriage looks like and symbolises
    • Mutual submission (yes, you read right!)
    • Whether or not everybody is called to marriage
    • The church and its purpose

    Sounds good! But...who are you?


    Oh! Hello, lovely! 

    I’m Nina Dafe (pronounced like café but with a ‘D’), the founder and editor of the Faraboverubiescollection.com- an ever-increasing sisterhood for Christian women- and author of The Ultimate Guide to Eve.

    You may have seen me featured as an expert on platforms such as the ones listed below:

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    That's because I draw on my special interests in feminism, womanism and female empowerment to dismantle the mindsets that keep women from enjoying the same opportunities and human rights as men. I do this by writing pretty prolific essays (even if I do say so myself!) which shed light on these topical issues from a Biblical perspective.

    My passion comes from seeing the negative effects of such thinking growing up. For example, my grandma was denied an education (whilst growing up in Nigeria) simply because she was female- restricting her options and quality of life. And, although I was born and raised in London (UK), the impact of tradition, control and systemic sexism were still felt. This was most especially through witnessing multiple (other female) role models either forfeit their dreams, stay in abusive relationships or operate from a place of low self-worth.

    Not wanting to fall victim to these same social constructs myself, I completed over 4 years of research to compare these notions to what the Bible had to say about topics such as women and womanhood (which is now lovingly collated in The Ultimate Guide to Eve). My mission is to share this knowledge, so that I can expose women (just like you!) to the truths that I came into during my years of study and that I really believe "saved me".

    So, without any further ado, let's begin your transformation process by exploring the first woman ever created and mentioned in the Bible- the mother of all matriarchs, Eve!

    What do others have to say about The Ultimate Guide to Eve?


    The Ultimate Guide to Eve is so much more than just a book – it’s a journey in which Nina Dafe takes you by the hand and bravely invites you into the broken places of her life. Her honesty is achingly real as she guides you through the process of knowing your worth, power and purpose as a woman of God. The very mysteries that brought her to the feet of her Heavenly Father- who then lead her to the heart of Eve. Nina breathes life and beauty into this ancient woman in the most healing and encouraging way. I am cheering and clapping and loving this book and the gorgeous woman who has birthed her soul in these pages. Be blessed and renewed by her words.

    Clarissa Grace, of Wakingupinparis.com

    Far too often the Bible is used as a justifiable tool of women's repression. Nina goes where few dare to go to bring us a much needed refreshing and intelligent look at the woman's place in the Bible. Her sharp and sometimes humorous analysis will fill you with a greater sense of control, fulfillment and belonging as a Christian woman in today's world.

    Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola, of Radiant Health Magazine

    Nina's passion and sheer determination to change the narrative for christian women, in regards of their identity in God and their femininity, is needed- if not absolutely relevant. I believe the discussions around Eve and her relevance today has impacted me to go deeper into the word of God to know what God is saying about me. It challenges one to refuse the patriarchal views on femininity and reject how culture and society limits womanhood, and her courage to discuss these topics with such tenacity will hopefully liberate you to seek out your own identity as a woman in God too.

    Lesego Barona Otlhabanye, of rising tswana

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    Ready to understand God's blueprint for womanhood and become the woman He ordained you to be?


    Frequently asked questions


    How does The Ultimate Guide to Eve work?

    • Both the guidebook and workbook are eBooks

    • Once this bundle is available, you will be able to access it instantly (no endless waiting for it to be delivered as you would a hardcopy)

    • You will be able to access both books on many different devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets etc). As illustrated below:


    what's the difference between the book and the workbook?

    • The Ultimate Guide to Eve is a guidebook that gives a full breakdown of how and why Eve is God’s blueprint to womanhood, plus the blessings to be had by implementing these lessons.

    • The workbook takes these lessons a step further by showing you how to practically apply them so that you can transform your life and become the woman God ordained you to be.


    How do i use the workbook?

    As you read The Ultimate Guide to Eve, it will refer you to the relevant; corresponding activity in the workbook, in order to make the experience as inspiring, practical and transformational as possible.



    What is the refund policy for this book?

    Due to the "instant download" nature of The Ultimate Guide to Eve, there will be no refunds.


    How Nina shares and takes you on a journey of her personal experience through The Ultimate Guide to Eve is beautiful. It allowed me, personally, to be vulnerable and real with myself. There were a few "ouch moments" too but I found out that there is so much more to Eve than I previously thought. For example:

    • Eve is the start of womanhood
    • We- both men and women- are made in the image of God (and not just in the physical sense)
    • Both men and women are created to have dominion and are destined for greatness

    Basically, Nina touches on so many areas of life that everyone can eat from the buffet (even men can be blessed by it too). The Ultimate Guide to Eve is a must read!

    Isata jalloh

    I’d say that The Ultimate Guide to Eve is for every Christian woman. The way Nina conveys her wisdom makes it so easy to take in, reflect and action areas that need developing within ourselves and she does it in such a non invasive manner. It’s such a pleasure to read her material. It helped me explore and develop my own womanhood and it will do the same for you, too! 

    Rebekah Nwokonkor

    Nina dismantles stereotypes surrounding (Christian) womanhood showing us that you're not alone- even if you think having kids or having a husband is not the be all and end all of your calling, for example. She also shows that you're not the only one that wants to see Eve, and therefore women, represented differently. There are so many people out there who are going to need this alternative point of view, confirmation on how they're feeling or food for thought. When you think that something has such a multi-purpose- it's most definitely the right thing to invest in!

    Michelle Shaw