An Interview with Jennie Goutet on Abigail

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Jennie Goutet, a woman of many talents! Jennie Goutet is the author of the coming-to-faith memoir "Stars Upside Down: a memoir of travel, grief, and an incandescent God". She also blogs over at, where she writes about her experience as an American living in France with her husband and three children, shares her love of cooking (via recipes for gluten-free; alcohol-free French food), her travel experiences and, of course, her faith in God. Read her observations on Abigail (her favourite woman of the Bible), the importance of living her truth and longing to "be a peacemaker for God" below:

Who is your favourite woman of the Bible and why? What would you say that modern women can learn from her?

I really love Abigail. Although her husband, Nabal, was a wicked fool and completely unlike the godly man my Father allowed me to marry (thank you, God!), Abigail did whatever it took to be righteous. She was quick thinking and unafraid to remedy the disaster that her husband caused with David- even if it meant going against him. She was humble and didn’t let worry over how she might be received affect her decision to go meet David. She was prepared and quickly assembled the necessary food, gifts, and offerings that might soften David’s anger. She was diplomatic and praised David for his protection, while condemning the unjust way he and his men were treated. She was spiritual and urged David not to avenge himself, but to allow God to be the one who avenged. She is a role model for women in any generation. I can’t say I possess all of her admirable traits, but I’m attracted to them. I live my life longing to be courageous, and to be a peacemaker for God.

Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is... 

I am a Christian woman who is a truth-teller. I tell myself the truth, even when it means facing up to my weaknesses and character traits that are less beautiful. I also tell the truth in all things to everyone. Since I am also a Christian woman who longs to be a peacemaker, I tell the truth – as far as I am able – in a way that will bring peace.

Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is not...

I am a Christian woman who is not in the place of God. As much as I strive to obey the scriptures in all areas of my life, and as much as I believe I have a correct handling of the scriptures (and therefore have everything I need for life and godliness), I also know that God gives free choice. Some will hear his heart’s call and respond; others will not. Some will respond to the love but not to the obedience. Some will obey, but through their actions I doubt if they’ve fully understood the scriptures...

Never mind. I am not in the place of God. I am called to love in all circumstances. My affection as a Christian woman will not be limited to Christians. It will not be limited to those who choose God, nor will it be limited to those who choose God with the same scriptural understanding I have (this is what I strive for anyway).

Any final words of encouragement?

Are you longing to draw near to God but don’t know where to start? Begin with Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. You can find the story in the Biblical books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, told in each with a different perspective.

Even if you think you’re not really a "Jesus person," I’m telling you, He’s the key to everything. He’s the key to how beautiful you are. He’s the key to you being chosen. He’s the key to throwing off worry, pain, and distress. He’s the key to having a squeaky-clean soul. He’s the key to peace that surpasses all understanding.

Jesus is the key to life on earth – and life after death.