An Interview with Fiona McGhie on Rizpah

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to the woman of substance that is Fiona McGhie, who I affectionately call "mum". She is a powerhouse of faith who is not to afraid to dance to the rhythm of the drumbeat that God has placed in her heart. A true reflection of (godly) individuality, be blessed as she shares her unique wisdom on Rizpah (her favourite woman of the Bible), what we can learn from her tenacity and persistence, and how this ties into Fiona's own personal testimony.

Who is your favourite woman of the Bible and why? What would you say that modern women can learn from her?

My favourite woman of the Bible is Rizpah (whose story can be found in 2nd Samuel 21:1-14) because of her unrelenting; determined; unabashed insistence on justice for her two sons, who were executed during the purge of the lineage of King Saul. I have heard it said that this drove her to insanity- she beat away the vultures by day and the ravenous beasts by night because she would not see her sons' bodies disrespectfully ripped apart by them. I identify with Rizpah as I am a woman that has a cry for justice yet unmet. Rizpah is my encouragement to hold on- to be respectfully unrelenting and tenacious; determined and insistent- because my God is a God that loves justice. If King David, being a man, was moved by Rizpah’s defiance and resolve well then the God I serve (whose name is Justice)- surely He will hear my cry and answer.


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Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is...

I am a Christian woman who:

  • Is a believer in developing a personal relationship with God
  • Encourages others to continually re-evaluate their decision making with the hope that they will drop off conformity and, rather, develop the aptitude to make decisions according to how they are led by the Spirit of God; to trust Him.

I know the church will say this is what they teach anyway….. However, without having to elaborate and make my responses unnecessarily long, my experience is quite different. 


Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is not...

I am a Christian woman who is not constrained by the limiting beliefs out there as to how a [married] woman should be; neither am I active in those areas typically occupied by women. I am independent, having not given in my membership to any one assembly. I believe I am a member of God’s Kingdom first, everything else is secondary. And my allegiance is to Christ and His Kingdom first….