An Interview with Ashley Morgan Jackson on Mary (Martha's sister)

Today's interview comes from Ashley Morgan Jackson, of, where she shares great content ranging from reflections to hair tutorials. Most recently, I have been especially inspired by her "Burden of Being Broken" series where she discusses her experiences of "struggling with her mental health" in order to address an issue that is not "talked about openly in general, let alone in Christian circles". Ashley also tackles this subject within her interview, as she relates her own personal testimony to some of the events of (her favourite woman of the Bible) Mary's life.

Who is your favourite woman of the Bible and why? What would you say that modern women can learn from her? 

Mary, the sister of Martha. All my life I have struggled with the fact that I am a "be-er" by nature when the world seems to value the "do-ers". I struggled with it so long that it took me into dark depression, really hating the way I had been made and fighting it. What I love about Mary is that she loves Jesus so much, she just wants to sit and be with Him- and that was enough for her and it was enough for Him. In a world of striving and running, the modern woman can learn that how God created her is of no surprise to Jesus. He loves every part of us, even the parts we are working with Him on to redeem. That we can know Him that intimately in love and friendship, and serve Him out of the knowledge of His acceptance, is something I really want for myself and others.

Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is…

I am a Christian woman who is passionate to grow, to learn, to submit, to share, to love, to obey- all of it.

Please finish the sentence: I am a Christian woman who is not…

I am a Christian woman who is not going to let lies define me or keep me out of all the promises God has for me to walk in, not only in heaven, but now.

Any final words of encouragement?

Be brave. When God leads you through hard seasons be brave enough to face the things that have marked you a long time; things that hurt and things that you don’t want to deal with. Trust Him enough to take Him at His word, even when it doesn’t make sense- that is what faith is all about. He has so much more for us, and we settle far too easily.