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IMPORTANT: Your copy of 7 Ways To Network Without Ever Having To Leave Your Bed is on it’s way to your inbox and should be with you in about 10-15 minutes. While you wait, read below to see how you can get your hands on The Perfect Pitch Packet- the exact templates that I use to successfully pitch the media.


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the perfect pitch packet

Use the exact pitch templates that I used to gain brand collaborations, high profile podcast guests and features in media outlets like HuffPost, Bustle and the TEDx blog.

What is the “Perfect Pitch Packet?”

A Behind The Scenes Guide on How I Create Irresistible Pitches

Use my templates to learn the language and anatomy of a perfect pitch, and follow my proven steps to PR success.

A PR Blueprint For Female Entrepreneurs

This is the exact process that I have tested and proven within my own business that will finally give you a clear map for developing your own successful pitches to increase your credibility, subscribers, followers, customers and more.

A Proven Method For Pitching the Media

The Perfect Pitch Packet includes templates for pitching in 5 different scenarios to cover all the PR needs of your business.


Pitch your dream media outlets and influencers today…without the overwhelm!

In this new “Digital Age,” increasing your visibility through PR is vital for standing out in an oversaturated market by:

  • Positioning you as an expert in your field

  • Increasing your authority and credibility

  • Giving you a larger platform to share your influence, thought leadership and message

  • Increasing your followers, subscribers and fanbase

  • Exposing you to your ideal clients- keeping you booked, busy and making bank

But with the demands of your business (creating programmes, offers, launching and trying to sell them), it can be difficult to spare the money to hire a PR expert, invest in courses that will help you learn the skills yourself and/or take the time needed to do so. Not to mention, still being able to find time for yourself and your loved ones!

You’re not alone, sis.

With a never ending “to do list” and a bottom line to reach, how are you supposed to reap the benefits of PR without having to sacrifice your time, peace, profits or relationships?

Simple…when you follow a pitch framework with a proven rate of success, you can reduce the risk of trial, error and rejection

Not only can you get real visibility through PR, you can:

  • Start to collaborate with industry leaders

  • Become an influencer in your own right

  • Have consistent clients and sold out programmes

Sounds amazing, right?

But at this point you may be asking…where do I even start?

The good news is that it’s actually easier than you think to get started, especially when you follow my proven system...

That’s Why I Created The Perfect Pitch Packet

These are the proven templates that I have been using for years, beautifully packaged to help you quickly roll out a successful PR campaign without the overwhelm…

…and I show you exactly how I've used networking and The Perfect Pitch Packet contents to secure features such as the ones below:

Media highlights.png

Most women entrepreneurs simply don’t generate enough buzz around their business because they don’t know the winning method for creating irresistible pitches.

Or worse…,don’t know how to speak to someone in a way that makes them excited to collaborate and do business with them..

This is where my Perfect Pitch Packet comes in.

Take my years of experience, and my templates that led to me:

  • Being featured in over 40 platforms

  • Interviewing top Christian influencers such as Mercy Balogun, Tabitha Brown and Stacii Jae Johnson for my talk show

  • Being asked to be a guest expert as part of other influencer’s courses, membership programmes; online and in-person summits and conferences

  • Being named one of 101 women of influence by Monique Melton

And implement the same proven structure into your business, to achieve results without the overwhelm.

This brand new bundle covers everything you need to know to create an irresistible pitch - from podcast/radio interviews to brand collaborations.

No step is left out!

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What’s inside The Perfect Pitch Packet?

Pitch templates for:

  1. Securing podcast/radio interviews

  2. Responding to HARO queries

  3. Articles and/or guest posts

  4. Interviewing influencers for your own platform

  5. Collaborations

 It just works! Just look at this testimonial, for example:

Margaret testimonial.jpg

 Do NOT pitch another platform or influencer without this plan!

Seriously... don't do it. In just hours from now, you could be on your way to creating your own highly successful irresistible pitch…

...without testing and failing, because I have already done the hard work for you!

Why risk sending an unsuccessful vague pitch to the world, when you can follow my templates and do it right the first time? #justsayin

The structure and language in each template is proven and is READILY available for you to steal... just need to use my swipe copy to guide you in the right direction.

And price shouldn't be an issue, because you can have access to the complete "Perfect Pitch Packet" for just £27 GBP.

Yep, just £27 GBP.

Literally, you can get your nails done or:

You can finally know how to create the perfect pitch so that you can be featured on the media outlets you've always wanted, without draining your bank account or becoming overwhelmed and frustrated.

You'll save countless amounts of time, money and sleepless nights by finally knowing the formula for creating and sending a successful pitch that generates PR fast!

The choice is yours.

If you want to get started, click the 'Add To Cart' button below to finally have The Perfect Pitch Packet on your side...

...So you can finally stop pitching to crickets, and finally know how you can promote your services successfully...

... go ahead and click the 'Add To Cart' button right now!

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Access To The

perfect pitch packet


 Frequently asked questions…

How long will it take to get access?

You'll receive immediate access!

The Perfect Pitch Packet will be sent directly to your email inbox and it's yours to keep forever!

Why £27?

If you're thinking "why only £27...there must be a catch?" Then here are three reasons that should put your mind at rest

1. £27 makes the material more affordable and available to more women entrepreneurs from startups, to solo entrepreneurs and larger companies.

2. It filters out the freebie-seekers. I only want serious marketers who take action in their business. Charging makes sure I only get serious bosses who are ready to invest in themselves!

3. I tested it, and £27 just works the best :-)

I also believe that once you receive The Perfect Pitch Packet and see how much of a massive impact it can have on your business, you will be loving the content so much and want to stick around.

So, as you can see...

There's no fine print, no hidden costs and no catch. Just the information you need and the results you want.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the "instant download" nature of The Perfect Pitch Packet there will be no refunds.

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