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the Miracle mindset makeover

A supportive sisterhood for heart-centred; visionary Christian women who want to banish the blocks keeping them from crushing their business goals once and for all!

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Hi lovely,

If you’re anything like me then you’re a Christian woman with an entrepreneurial streak.

That means that you know that you have a calling on your life to serve your fellow man using the gifts and talents God blessed you with, amiright?

If I am and we do have that in common, here’s something else I know about you:

As much as you have a heart to serve, you also want to turn that passion and service to profits because you have big goals and dreams.

I mean, yaassss to:

  • Being in full-time business with consistent; multiple income streams

  • Debt freedom and financial independence

  • Travel

  • More time to do the things you love with the people you love

  • Leaving a legacy for your family

  • Philanthropy

  • Or whatever else “living your best life” means to you!

That’s why you’re already doing the work needed to make them happen!

I mean, sis! You:

  • Have your goals as well as a strategy for achieving them written down

  • Have invested more money than you would care to admit on resources, courses, conferences and coaching

  • Are a part of more Facebook groups for entrepreneurs than you can actually keep up with

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…!

The issue?

These things are constantly holding you back:

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Juggling various responsibilities

Fear of criticism/rejection



Low self-esteem

Lack of consistency




Lack of focus


Not knowing where to start

Fear of being out of alignment with God


Fear of success


No accountability

Fear of failure

Lack of motivation

And, not only are they holding you back, they’re costing you!

They’re stopping you from making a return on your investments.

They’re blocking you from making the amount of money that will allow you to have the kind of lifestyle and freedom that you want.

They’re causing you to waste your most precious commodity- your time- doing things that God did not put you on this earth to do.

They’re robbing the people that you are called to serve of achieving the breakthrough that only you are uniquely designed to give them.

They’re stopping you from living out your purpose and feeling fulfilled in life.

But- more than that- it's coming between your relationship with God (which is not only stealing your peace now, it could have eternal consequences in future).

If you’re tired of this vicious cycle and truly feel enough is enough, I have just the remedy for you!


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the miracle Mindset makeover

A supportive sisterhood for heart-centred; visionary Christian women who want to banish the blocks keeping them from crushing their business goals once and for all!

Here’s how it can help you:

This is not just another course, programme, huge expense or time suck. This is a supplement to your current business plan/strategy helping you to make progress and excel through it via:

#1 Divine downloads

Daily (short, inspirational and practical) devotionals on how to:

  • Uproot the specific mindset blocks that are currently holding you back as an entrepreneur

  • Replace them with new; godly ones

#2 A supportive sisterhood

An online community of like-minded Christian women who will support you by helping you to:

  • Remain accountable

  • Implement these daily strategies (as well as those that you have already invested in)

so that you can FINALLY achieve the miracle of conquering your business goals once and for all with God as your CEO!

Sound good, lovely?