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 Photography by Natalie Chaffe of  Identitytrip.com

Photography by Natalie Chaffe of Identitytrip.com

Nina Dafe is the founder and editor of the Faraboverubiescollection.com. She has spoken in summits (such as the Women Entrepreneurs ROCK 24 Hours Empowerment Marathon 2018); is a regular contributor for Thrive Global and She Leads Africa. She has also been featured in Radiant Health Magazine, HuffPost, Bustle and the TEDx Lincoln Square blog. 

Nina inspires Christian women to know their worth, power and purpose so they can speak up, step out and shine as women of God through her weekly Far Above Rubies Collection Video Podcast- where she shares her insights and interviews female influencers. This is also achieved through her 1:1 mentoring programme- Shift!

She also draws on her special interest in feminism, womanism and female empowerment to dismantle the mindsets that keep women from enjoying the same opportunities and human rights as their male counterparts from a Biblical perspective.

Nina's passion stems from having grown up seeing the negative effects of such thinking during her formative years.

For example, her grandmother was denied an education (whilst growing up in Nigeria) simply because she was female- restricting her options and quality of life. Although Nina was born and raised in London (UK), the impact of tradition, control and systemic sexism were still felt.

This was most especially through witnessing multiple (other female) role models either forfeit their dreams, stay in abusive relationships or operate from a place of low self-worth.

Not wanting to fall victim to these same social constructs herself, Nina completed over 4 years of research to compare these notions to what the Bible had to say about topics such as women and womanhood (which is now lovingly collated in her book, The Ultimate Guide to Eve). Nina's mission is to share this expertise, exposing women to the truths that she came into during her years of study and that she attributes to "saving her".

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