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the pitch perfect consult call

The complete A-Z implementation plan for going from hidden gem to household name through PR.

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If you’re a #bosslady (online entrepreneur, service professional, coach or consultant) looking to become more visible then you probably already know that PR has many benefits including:

  • Positioning you as an expert in your field

  • Increasing your authority and credibility

  • Giving you a larger platform to share your influence, thought leadership and message

  • Increasing your followers, subscribers and fanbase

  • Exposing you to your ideal clients- keeping you booked, busy and making bank

The issue?

Even though the reasons to focus on securing PR for your business are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but!

For example, I find that the women that I work with tend to fit either one of three categories:

#1 They don’t know where to begin with PR

Causing them to waste their most precious commodity- their time- trying to DIY and hack a PR system that hasn’t been tried and tested with a proven rate of success (like mine!)

#2 They are PR-trained but have no time to implement it

Causing them to completely abandon and neglect PR altogether (because by the time they finish creating programmes, offers, launching and trying to sell them- there is no time or energy for anything else in their life and business)

#3 They simply don’t enjoy the process of PR

Causing them to miss out on it’s benefits because they hate writing articles, pitching and so on and would rather be doing the business tasks that they enjoy.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the problem with all of these categories though, sis- they’re costing you!

Whether you lean more towards the first, second or third category:

It's stopping you making the amount of money that will allow you to have the kind of lifestyle and freedom that you want.

It's stopping you from living out your purpose and feeling fulfilled in life.

But- more than that- it's robbing the people that you are called to serve of achieving the breakthrough that only you are uniquely designed to give them.

If you’re tired of this vicious cycle and truly feel enough is enough, I have just the remedy for you!

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The Pitch Perfect Consult Call

The complete A-Z implementation plan for going from hidden gem to household name through PR.

This consultation call is for you if you are a woman in business who wants to:

  • Become an influencer

  • Increase your authority and credibility as a thought leader within your niche

  • Position yourself seen as an expert

  • Collaborate with industry leaders

  • Gain profitable relationships

  • Have consistent clients and sold out programmes

  • And more!

In a comprehensive and easy to follow order- eliminating overwhelm, scattered advice and confusion while providing a clear; simple path to these goals. 

And trust me- all of this is possible through PR. I know from personal experience!

When I really look back and think about it, some of my greatest achievements have come about because I knew how to be pitch perfect.


For example, I:

  • Have been featured in over 40 platforms including the TEDx blog, HuffPost, Radiant Health Magazine and more

  • Have interviewed top Christian influencers such as Mercy Balogun, Tabitha Brown and Stacii Jae Johnson for my talk show

  • Have been asked to be a guest expert as part of other influencer’s courses, membership programmes; online and in-person summits and conferences

  • Became an international speaker, sharing the stage with olympians, TEDx speakers, bestselling authors and other experts

  • Am now a #1 international bestselling author myself

  • Was named one of 101 women of influence by Monique Melton

  • Was a Women Worship Gospel Music Awards 2019 honouree

  • Have been able to build a business, find my ideal client, cater to their needs and make money doing so

Whilst the same outcomes are not guaranteed, I’d love to show you how you can achieve your own phenomenal PR results like the ones below:

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This is not just another course, programme, huge expense or time suck. This is a supplement to your current business plan/strategy helping you to make progress and excel through PR!

DURING THE COURSE OF OUR CONSULTATION, i WILL help you develop the firm foundation and framework needed to progress with pr

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A 1:1 strategy session

  • An audit of your website and current PR strategy

  • Dream media list development and a trick for researching more platforms to be featured on

  • A tangible action plan to follow after our call

  • Clarity, confidence and focus for your PR strategy

  • No more overwhelm or confusion

  • An invitation to my Pitch Perfect Programme

This high level 1:1 implementation CALL is for you if:

  • You don’t want to get to December 31st disappointed that you didn’t achieve the kind of impact that you envisioned on new year (again!)

  • You’re tired of talking and dreaming about being featured on your dream media platforms- you want to access and leverage my proven system for gaining visibility.

  • You realise that working with an expert is an investment; not an expense

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